We offer flexible pricing and scheduling. Review our price guidelines/samples and choose a service to order here. A minimum $20 deposit must be made on any order. A paypal button is below. A form to enter your name and details, or ask questions is at the bottom here. An invoice of the balance owing or credit will be sent later, and receipts for completed work issued in due course. 

1..Editing Specify (A) proofreading (just for form) or (B) copy editing (style, grammar, flow and form). Priced $7 per page for dense text; $5 per 250 words for light text. Mail/courier hard copies or fax short documents or email electronic files (recent version of Word for Windows, please)

2.Research via the web/library. Priced $25 an hour for simple retrieval of information; $40 an hour for retrieval plus organization or synthesis of information (e.g., tabulation, display, summaries and analyses)

3.Create and conduct telephone and in-person surveys, or lead a focus group: $30-$40 an hour


(A) reports on my research, add $10 a page in addition to research fees;

(B) create promotional material for your business or organization, priced at $35/ hr for preparation and writing (no website development or graphics expertise);

(C) article writing consultation, $30 flat fee to read your description or/and draft under 5 pages; manuscript / book reviews $40/hr

(D) writing your report using your data and inserts (content only);

(E) blog or news writing, $35 per piece and a by-line without research and under two pages in length (up to 500 words); $50/ hr up to 20 full pages.

(F) analysis or review from a social science or political perspective, $50/hr

(G) a literary review, $50 /hr

5.Career building or transition or job maintenance consultation

$10 per conversation under 15 minutes or message up to a page in length, plus $20 per hour to review or find information on your case (ex., skills/aptitude /experience matching; assisted job search; job maintenance/dispute resolution). Resume /cover letter writing/editing $10/p. (Online, phone or in-person.)

6.Teaching: business English, workplace culture, Canadian society $35/hr or $20/half-hr, online or in live groups on your site. (Online work requires computer with webcam, headset, mic and internet speed of >600Kbps) General conversation or structured lessons I make or from textbook you order. Coordinating your seminar: $25/hr. Developing and conducting my seminar for you: $35/hr (if off site at my location, add $20 per hour for the room)

7.Informal translations from French/Spanish to English only: $20/ half page or $35 per full page.

8.Tour organizing and leading: $30/hr.

You can use this form to get further information, make a request and get a quote. Just write in the box below. Otherwise, just call or email or send in your document by fax, post, courier.

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