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Cases from the New Earth Herstorical Archives: Valuations 

61,350 words         ISBN: 9781311606273

Published by Smashwords (c) B. Waldern, May 2, 2016

Scarlet Jones faces an alien magistrate at an official hearing. The Niribuan custodial state of the Earth has set up a system to detect and judge redundant persons for the sake of efficient development of the New Earth society. Scarlet's aimless life and all its spotty and non-exemplary history is revealed. Meanwhile, scientists review societies and lifestyles of Earth's past through case studies.

Camelia in Winter

This is a romance novel about a Canadian teacher who takes a sabbatical in order to leave a long time relationship and paint while teaching English abroad in South Korea. Her quest leads to discoveries about herself. She tumbles into a new romance and faces a decision. 109,620 words. ISBN 9781476459677

Published by Smashwords.com. (c) B. Waldern 2012. 

Impressing Heaven

This is a collection of short stories based on real conversations with real young Korean adult learners of English from 2007 to 2010. You might call it "creative nonfiction." The characters face their identity conflicts, negotiate global English and make decisions about their career paths. 33,750 words. ISBN 9781476467023

Published by Smashwords.com. (c) B. Waldern 2012.

Ice Age

This is a short novel about alienation in Western Canada. As a woman approaches her 70th birthday, her world seems cold. Meantime, her daughter finds that her marriage has become icy while she worries about her mother. She decides to plan a birthday party for her mother that brings together an unlikely assortment of people. In the end, the event warms up the lives of everyone involved. 47,960 wds. ISBN 9781476285023

Published by Smashwords.com. (c) B. Waldern 2012.

Take Care

Mystery novel. Fiona Daniel lives alone studying while working as a live-in apartment caretaker Vancouver, BC's West End. One day, the body of a wealthy man’s nephew is found discarded behind a building she tends. Her drab life is catapulted into excitement as the murder plot thickens against the background of corporate scandal and political conflict. As the mystery unravels, her life evolves. 77,260 words, English ISBN: 9781301817467